Table runner vinyl gray with stripe woven 180 x 35 cm
  • Table runner anti-stain vinyl gray with white, size 180 x 35 cm | Franse Tafelkleden
  • Table runner vinyl gray with stripe woven 135 x 40 cm
  • Water-repellent table runner made of woven vinyl. gray with white stripe, non-slip and washable | French Tablecloths
  • Table runner gray with white, anti-stain vinyl washable. In the size 135 x 40 cm | Franse Tafelkleden
  • Table runner gray with white, anti-stain woven vinyl washable and water resistant | French Tablecloths

Table runner woven vinyl gray with stripe


Enhance your dining experience with our stylish and practical gray and white striped table runner, packed per (one piece(s). Made from durable woven vinyl, it is anti-stain and can be easily cleaned by hand or hot-wash. Perfect for for indoor and outdoor use, this table runner will add a touch of cozy home style to your table at home, garden barbecue or camping trips.Order now and elevate your dining experience!

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The table runners of Franse Tafelkleden:

At French Tablecloths you will find high-quality anti-stain table runners that are imported directly from France and Spain to the Netherlands.
Our wide range includes table runners in different colours, styles and sizes, so that there is a suitable solution for every situation.< br />With a table runner you protect your table against damage, scratches and stains and turn every meal into a feast.
Our table runners are suitable for daily use, indoors and outdoors.


  • 70% PVC and 30% polyester yarn
  • Coated, Moisture and dirt repellent
  • Moisture permeable
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Washable up to 30 degrees
  • Dries quickly

With a table runner you protect your table against everyday life.
That means that scratches, stains and other damage are a thing of the past.
The table runners from Franse Tafelkleden are suitable for daily use for both indoors and outdoors and make every occasion a party.


Our table runners are made of woven vinyl and offer a durable and long-lasting enhancement to your table presentation.
They are dirt and moisture resistant and easy to clean.
The woven texture provides comfort and is suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions.
The stylish finish gives a professional look.
If the tablecloth needs to be refreshed, it can be washed up to 30 degrees and dried quickly, so that it looks fresh and clean again.

The table runner is not UV resistant and can discolour due to exposure to the sun.
It is therefore better not to leave the vinyl table runner outside continuously, as this will shorten its lifespan due to fading from UV rays. radiation.

Recommended table runner size:

To measure a table runner, you must determine the length or width of your table or surface on which it will be placed.
The table runner should be approximately 20 cm longer on each side than the length or width of the table so in total 40 cm longer than the length or width of your table or surface.

Here are the steps to measure a table runner:

Measure the length of the table: place the tape measure at one end of the table and extend it to the other end to determine the total length or width.

Check your measurements again: before ordering a table runner, check your dimensions again to ensure that it fits well on your table or surface.

All sizes can of course be adjusted according to your own choice and insight, but we recommend that the table runner hangs at least 20 cm.


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UV resistant
Stain resistant
Water repellent
Washing machine
No, hand wash

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