The tablecloths from are imported directly from France and Spain to the Netherlands.
Because of the large assortment there is something for everyone and a supplement for every home, is always a model for every taste and interior in our range.


The tablecloths are available in various sizes 160 cm and 180 cm round Ø, 200 X 148 cm, 240 X 148 cm, 300 X 148 cm, 350 X 148 cm rectangular.


The tablecloths are 100% polyester and are water repellent and feel like dust.

  • 100% woven polyester
  • Coated, Moisture and dirt repellent
  • Soft as fabric
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Finished with base tape
  • dries quickly
  • Ironable at a low temperature


Detailed washing description for a polyester tablecloth on a washing program of 30 degrees Celsius:

Place the tablecloth in the washing machine along with any other items that you can wash at the same time.
Use a mild detergent (do not bleach or dry clean) and cold water, as hot water may cause the polyester fibers to shrink or fade.

Set the washing machine to a washing program of 30 degrees Celsius.
This is a gentle cycle that is safe for most polyester fabrics.

Wash the tablecloth on a delicate program and use a low spin speed to prevent tangling.

Once the wash cycle is complete, remove the tablecloth from the washing machine and shake it to remove any wrinkles.

If the tablecloth is particularly wrinkled, consider ironing it to make it look fresh and clean again.
Use a low heat setting and avoid direct heat on any decorations or decorations on the tablecloth.

Hang the tablecloth to dry or lay it flat on a clean, dry surface.
Do not expose the tablecloth to direct heat sources that are too hot to prevent shrinkage.

By following these steps, you can safely wash your polyester tablecloth at a low temperature, which will preserve its color and shape over time.

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